Retreat, Recreate & Reflect

in a Serene Environment

GTA    CC01

Welcome to catholicland / CCO17:
    a serene & Natural Catholic Environment

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY - All entering this property, agree to:

  2. Register and pay on-line or at the residence; upon entry.
  3. Enter property at your own risk; property is rough & dangerous.
  4. Wear your Catholicland ID: wristband, lanyard, shirt, cap,… when on the property. EXCEPT IF MEMBERS.
  5. Abide by the rules as posted on-line or on-site; be responsible for those you bring in/register.
  6. Supervise your children &/or dependents; wear PFDs on/near lake.
  7. Be photographed/recorded for security purposes; Property is under Video Surveillance.
  8. NOT smoke, consume alcohol, litter, make noise or bring in pets.
  9. NOT hold Catholicland or its associates responsible for loss or injury to your person or property, for whatever reason.
  10. Common sense & Courteous behavior.

Trust that your visit here will be enjoyable, peaceful & safe. / 

Management: Marilyn & Victor 352 390 4736