GTA    CC01

We invite those who appreciate our mission to join us; become members and enjoy the environment.

Help us make this a better place for you, your children & grandchildren.

Your Prayers, Participation, Promotion & Payment, will also help us meet our expenses & grow.

The cost & benefits of the membership are as follows:

A:   $300/person or $600/family (or pay $30 or $60/mth
for 12 months).

1    Entry to the place for 365 days; dawn to dusk.
2    1 scheduled Event per month; that you can help schedule.
3    Meals at Events included.   
4    7 overnight stays with own meals.
5    May register a ‘newbie’ to join you FREE each time you visit for the day.

6    For everyone that becomes a Member; using you as a reference; we will give you a 10% credit. 10 join and you get 1 FREE Membership. This you may use towards your own renewal or give away; perhaps to someone else in need.

B:   $500/person or $1000/family (or pay $50 or $100/mth for 12 months):


You get all the above, + 7 more overnight stays; in tents or our place.

As members, you may also use our place here or in Canada; Bunks on water in GTA. or our place in Ocala; our house or tent in the forest.

NOTE: Our target is to have 100 Members to come on board by the end of this year; 2017.

To all who join us now; you have 6 months to withdraw with a full refund or also maintain the same fee that you join us at, for as long as you are faithful to our code of conduct & renew your Membership annually on time.

Together, we can make this happen.

We looking forward to you coming on board. Go here to REGISTER

Retreat, Recreate & Reflect

in a Serene Environment