Retreat, Recreate & Reflect

in a Serene Environment


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Catholicland, Ocala, FL aka Catholic Community of Ocala in the making....

Dedicated to Our Lady, the Eucharist & 100% Magisterium based. 
We were invited by Fr Pat of BT, to set up a mission camp for Catholics in Ocala & the surrounding area.  So we purchased this beautiful, 26-acre wooded area with a  3-acre 'lake' of its own.

It is a great place to Retreat & Reflect; Pray the Rosary or do the ‘Stations of the Cross’. Canoe, swim (with safety equip.), fish, relax, picnic, bbq, sit by a campfire, tent out. 

Most of all meet and engage with others in Faith, Hope & Charity.
We invite Catholics; families, young adults, teens, ministries, school groups,… to discover & enjoy the place year round; dawn to dusk. The place is suited for up to 40 individuals for now, at any given time/day, though we have had over 200 people celebrate open-air Mass here with Fr. Pat.

Come alone or with your family/friends;  Join our FREE Sunday Sessions &/or monthly Events.
Become a MEMBER or Supporter. Your financial support can ensure its survival & growth.
Volunteer: Donate your time or talent; earn your Entry to Events. Join the Committee; come on board. We thank all who have helped out to date.

For Questions/Feedback, contact us: Catholicland.com  352 390 4736 or 470 333 2046 
4623 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, FL 34475  
Thanks again & God Bless! Your hosts:  Marilyn & Victor