Retreat, Recreate & Reflect

in a Serene Environment

GTA    CCC2046

and many others for their support and encouragement to date.

Kathy Hopkins
Deacon Jim
Eric & Ami Arseneault
Jay Bartoli
Men Under Construction
Edge, Life Teen
Sisters; Juliet, Concepta & Theo
the Knights
Dr. John Littell
Steve & Mel Taparan
Andrew Carvalho
Kelli & Joe Carvalho
Debbie R
Fr Pat
Fr Raul
Paul Miranda
Chuck Pidgeon
Pam &  Pat McBride
Angela & Tony DeSimone
Dave Gooden
Brian Ehlers
Mike Oehlerking
Jo Egizio
Steve Hoesterey
Julie Martin
Gilbert Martinez & family

Space for YOU to come on board.

Please provide us with your pictures for our  sponsor wall and album.

Nannette Wicks
George Lopp
Jason Halstead
Sonia Torres
Rich Lacorte
Steve & Brenda Reynolds

 We Thank


We appreciate all who have welcomed us and our mission, more so those who have given of their Time, Talent and Treasure as per Blessed Trinity's hallmark.